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Your company holiday card or gift will stand out when you follow these 5 steps

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#20Helps Gift Package Contents

The #20Helps holiday gift contained chocolate bars and a guide to enjoying fine chocolate as well as a $20 bill tucked in the card.

Bill Brady stepped out of his office holding a package. “Have you seen this?”

The package contained 2 chocolate bars along with a guide to enjoying fine chocolate. But Bill’s reason for showing us the package was something else: the holiday card.

Why did the card from our partner digital marketing agency 97th Floor stop us in our tracks? It wasn’t the photo or the intriguing hashtag. The first thing that caught our eye was the $20 bill folded origami-style into a heart and tucked into the card. And the next thing was the message. “$20 is just the beginning. This holiday season, we at 97th Floor invite you to find some simple way you can help those around you. 20 may not seem like much, but $20 helps.” Read More

11 steps to building brand value

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Over the past 15 years, I’ve had the chance to consult with a lot of companies, big and small, about the authenticity, impact and reach of their brands. Through those opportunities, I’ve learned that a company’s long-term success is inextricably attached to its brand—the way it’s perceived, valued and experienced in the minds of consumers. And I’ve observed that even well-established companies struggle with essential pieces of the equation from time to time.

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