Where some of the fiercest brands meet to do battle. Round one. Fight!

We all like a good competition. Our strategists, researchers and designers unleash their smarty-pants brains on some of the coolest and most controversial brands out there. Does your favorite brand really have the moxie that you think it does? Tears will fall, hearts will break and winners will celebrate.


Trump vs. Hillary

Two huge brands—the former host of “The Apprentice” and the former First Lady—have come into the arena to fight to the death (or the presidency, whichever comes first). In what could arguably be the biggest brand battle of 2016, it’s hard to pick a winner. But let’s do it anyway. Get ready for the ultimate showdown of pantsuit vs. hair.

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Captain America vs. Iron Man

We put the noble and strong blue boy against Mr. Too-cool-for-school in a messy marketing battle. Putting on shiny suits and defending cities wasn’t enough on this one. We looked at social media presence, screen time, sales and total KO count to determine the winner. Got any bets?

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Marketing Madness

Regardless of how well your team performs during March Madness, their brand always has a chance to dominate in Marketing Madness. While players chase the ball, we chase their social media, logos and fan interaction to find out which team has the marketing brains and brawn to make their way through the brackets to the final four. Gear up for a heated battle, and see if your team makes the cut.

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Decide the next brand encounter.

Whether you’re an Apple fanboy or Coca-Cola fanatic, there are brands you’ll back with your life (or at least your lifestyle). Tell us who you’d like to see in the next Battle of the Brands. Let’s keep things fair; don’t pit an obscure peon against an iconic king.

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