Part-time Customer Advisory Board Project Manager

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In this position the employee would be dedicated to one of our clients, fulfilling the following job description:

Our Global Customer Advisory Board Program brings together some of our best customers with our internal teams for a regular cadence of dialogue, sharing of ideas and critical feedback that we use as a business to drive our corporate strategy. The CAB Project Manager holds the primary responsibility for managing the logistics and operational aspects of the program, working in close coordination with the Program Manager, who is typically the Customer Advocacy Manager. This Project Manager will act as a liaison between Customer Engagement, Product Management, Product Marketing and Field Marketing teams in the execution of the annual CAB meetings.

We currently manage CABs across multiple product groups, including Application Delivery and Management (ADM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), Information Management and Governance (IM&G) and Security with over 200 customers who are loyal to the program. This program incorporates both face to face meetings with virtual meetings at a regular cadence.

Type of Person we are Seeking

  • Highly organized, detail oriented individual who can own the project management aspects end to end.
  • High emotional IQ and relationship building nature as this individual will be interacting with some of our most valuable customers.
  • Proactive attitude who helps to drive milestones and bring people together to deliver in a timely manner.

General Project Management Tasks

  • Maintain and Update the Membership Database – ongoing maintenance, nominations are continuous, but especially ramp up for face to face meetings
  • Current process includes a link to nominate; an email to the lead to review and approve; an email to the customer inviting them to join the CAB
  • May include the establishment of a new database and nomination system
  • Coordinate CAB lead meetings monthly, then weekly to prepare for meetings, both face to face as well as virtual
  • Maintain the project timeline and manage individuals to milestones
  • Maintain communication with Customer Engagement and Executives as needed
  • Proactively anticipate needs of program and identify ways to evolve the program following best practices

Face to Face Meeting Project Management

  • Manage Invitation process for F2F meetings
  • CAB membership list should be up-to-date with name, job title, email address, account manager
  • Create registration site with our specified vendor to gather customer information and RSVPs
  • Work with and coordinate with event team and field marketing team to request appropriate meeting space and F&B needs
  • Onsite preparation – ensure room set-up is correct and AV needs are in place
  • Creates deliverables such as customer gifts, table tents, name tags, agendas, etc.
  • Post Program – survey data sent to leads to deliver to Executives
  • Schedule debrief with team and Executive Sponsors

Virtual CAB Project Management

  • Coordinate cadence and schedule with CAB leads. In some cases, the CAB leads will manage this end to end. In other cases, they may need additional support from the project manager.
  • Help manage the sending of invites, confirmations, communications, etc.
  • Coordinate the development of content for the virtual meetings
  • Give technical support for the Virtual Meeting depending on what system is being used, i.e. GoToMeeting or Skype.


  • 5+ years of Event Management background
  • 5+ years of Project Management experience
  • Customer Advisory Board experience preferred
  • Experience in enterprise software is a plus

Specifics of the Role

  • Contractor position reporting to the Global Director of Customer Engagement.
  • Role can be done virtually from various locations, but does require travel periodically.
  • Hours estimated at 30 hours/week in peak periods, 10 hours/week in slower periods.