Senior Web Developer

Job Posted January 3, 2019 View all careers

We’re hiring a Senior Web Developer to work on various web based applications and projects. Ideally this developer would be a full-stack developer, but we primarily need someone with strong experience with Laravel and Vue.js.  In this role, the developer will work directly with our design team, project managers and key customers.

  • Create back-end functionality using PHP, Node.js and/or other languages.
  • Create MVC based web applications using PHP frameworks such as Laravel.
  • Create HTML/CSS from provided designs.
  • Integrate with various APIs and 3rd party services.
  • Implement JavaScript interactivity using libraries such as React and Vue.js.
  • Implement animations using CSS3 and/or JavaScript.
  • Create themes and extend the functionality of content management systems like WordPress or Drupal.
  • Help configure and maintain web hosting environments.
  • Introduce and implement innovative techniques and technologies.
  • Ensure that websites are thoroughly tested and work across multiple platforms and browsers.
  • Help scope development projects and plan milestones, deliverables, and time-lines.
  • 5+ years experience.
  • Expert with PHP.
  • Experience with MVC frameworks, primarily with Laravel.
  • Expert JavaScript knowledge. Vue.js experience would be ideal.
  • Expert with HTML and CSS (HTML5 & CSS3).
  • Experience with CMS platforms such as WordPress or Drupal.
  • Experience with task management software such as JIRA.
  • Experience with commonly used technologies such as GIT, Grunt, Gulp, Less, and Sass.
  • Obsessive attention to detail, ensuring that website matches design pixel per pixel and applications are well tested.
  • Motivated to research and learn about new technologies and practices.