Business in the front.
Party in the front.
It’s how we roll.

From numerous ping-pong breaks to cutthroat lunchtime board games, we believe fun sparks the creativity that makes our marketing so great. We also run Battle of the Brands, promote the lumberjack life with flannel season and engineer insane new ways to destroy pumpkins at our annual Slash Bash. Scroll for a good time.

Battle of the Brands

Sometimes, brands just get in a fight—when we put them in the ring together. We’re interested in knowing what makes one brand shine and another brand sparkle, or in other words, what makes Mercedes different from Ford, what separates Clinton’s campaign from Trump’s. That’s why we regularly host one of our favorite competitions, Battle of the Brands, where we show off our chops as we defend each brand’s good (or bad) name.

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Slash Bash

Slash Bash is an annual, post-Halloween, cathartic release of all your pent-up candy based energy. It isn’t complicated—we just get together and smash pumpkins. From sledgehammers to ninja swords, we find all sorts of ways to enjoy ourselves as we hone our smashing capabilities. We’ve even brought in a crane before, since dropping pumpkins from a crane is a downright good time. As wild as it sounds, it’s meant to be a family activity, so bring your partially moldy jack-o-lanterns, kids and aggression for some family fun you will never forget.

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Gutsy Games

The Gutsy Games is a one-of-a-kind obstacle course competition. Competitors crawl, slip, slide, plunge, climb and smash pumpkin-related obstacles as they compete to the finish line. The winner is given the most coveted prize: the honorable title of “Gutsy the Great.” Oh, and a cash reward of $500, useable as both a token of war and American standard currency.

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This is an informal gathering with folk music and sometimes dancing. That’s what the dictionary says at least, but we do a little more than that. The hootenanny at EKR is essentially a two-day ranch retreat for our employees and their families. Horseback riding, delicious food consuming, boat riding at the duck pond—everything fit for our hardworking team (and their relatives) itching to release their inner rancher.

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Flannel Season

The most important accomplishment in any given year is probably the measure of how often people wore flannel. Because we understand this, we celebrate flannel season from Nov. 2 through May 12. Everyone deserves the good fortune of learning the power of the flannel. It’s the most valuable material on Earth.

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