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Destination Marketing Podcast Hits 50K Listens

Relic+EKR is thrilled to announce that the Destination Marketing Podcast hit 50K listens! This is a big accomplishment and we are grateful for each listener who has gotten the podcast to this point. 

Host and CEO of Relic+EKR Adam Stoker started the podcast in May 2019. Since then, he’s interviewed hundreds of marketers, DMOs and tourism industry leaders. The podcast digs into destination marketing strategies and tips from industry experts. The podcast initially took 16 months to reach 25K listens and only 10 more to hit 50K. This shows the continual podcast growth and the acceleration of listeners as it goes into its third year. 

The Destination Marketing Podcast is Relic’s ultimate podcast for tourism marketing. The podcast goal is to help people focus on marketing strategies while staying up to date on trends. It isn’t a fluff podcast to motivate and make you feel good. We dive deep into what destination marketers do and how to do it!

Listen to the Destination Marketing Podcast for real perspectives from leaders who know the ins and outs of marketing. Each destination is different, but good tourism principles are helpful everywhere. Every episode will provide you with actionable insights you can get working on right away.


Check out some of the top podcast episodes below for insightful conversations with thought leaders.


Episode 114 – Bandwango – Growth During a Pandemic


“Locals are your best ambassadors, and they provide the best bang for your buck. If we can empower locals to hook them up in different ways, who better to market your destination for you?” – Mo Parikh


Episode 123 – See the Forest and The Trees: Top Learnings From 2020 as Guideposts for 2021


“Looking forward, it’s a different landscape. What you’re doing in the past isn’t going to necessarily work now. So it’s an opportunity to understand what travel sentiment is going to look like, how people are going to travel and what they’re comfortable with.” – Cheryl Shallanberger


Episode 121 – Robb Wells Explains What a Podcast Has Done for His Destination:


“We started looking at it here in Beaufort as a way for us to help tell our story even more. Where was our opportunity to own that medium and share our story in our own voice? I think that’s where we started looking at a podcast.” – Rob Wells


Episode 133 – Mike Verret – Effective Storytelling


“Clarity of message is more important than any service you provide. They’re not going to see the service if your message to them upfront isn’t clear. Once you can smooth out that intro message, that’s where you can start to provide your services and all the specifics. But they’re never going to get there unless they connect to that crystal clear message that sets you apart from the beginning.” – Mike Verret


Adam also started the Destination Marketing Podcast Network, creating podcasts for destination clients. Check out those podcasts here: 


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Relic+EKR is thankful for all the listeners who have gotten the Destination Marketing Podcast to this point. We look forward to growing and providing valuable insights to the tourism industry.