The Recipe for Utah's Sweetest Campaign

Dirty Dough first started with EKR to prepare for the grand opening of their first Utah location in Vineyard. What started with branding turned into creative campaigning and crisis management. We helped Dirty Dough respond to a lawsuit with the unforgettable #UtahCookieWars campaign.

THE START OF #UtahCookieWars

On July 8, 2023, news spread quickly about Crumbl’s lawsuit against Dirty Dough and Crave. Over the course of a few days — one weekend — we sprung into action to evaluate the threat and face the challenge of defending Dirty Dough. With our help, the underdog cookie company denied the allegations in a creative way that sparked conversations like never before.


Billboards across Salt Lake and Utah Counties


#UtahCookieWars impressions on Facebook and Instagram post


Increase in share of voice for #UtahCookieWars


Increase in share of voice for Dirty Dough


Increase in followers on Instagram


Increase of profile views on TikTok

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