Flannel Season 2015:

“A New Holiday is Born”

November 2 through May 12…every frigid year!

Who wants the holidays to end in January? No need to put a stop to the festivities—Flannel Season is a pretty darn long time of good cheer. Here in Utah, we’re still skiing in May, so we’re going to keep rejoicing in our flannel till the snow melts.

There’s no question that flannel’s a miracle material worth celebrating. Flannel looks good on anyone carrying an ax. Flannel can be slept in all night and then worn all day while wrestling bears. And when you’re wearing flannel, you can eat all the maple syrup and flapjacks you want. A fantastic thing like flannel deserves at least six months of celebration.

Flannel History 101

Flannel appears to have originated in 16th century Wales, where it was known as “gwalen.” Welsh farmers protected themselves from the elements by weaving worsted wool into thick flannel—the same material associated with fleece-lined lumberjack jackets (or, as we like to call them, lumberjackets). Wherever it’s wet, wherever it’s windy, flannel’s there to save the day. Tough and dirt-cheap, flannel was the material of choice for railroad builders, construction workers, loggers, and American soldiers from the Civil War through World War II. Later on, flannel suits became the pinnacle of sophisticated 1950s men’s fashion, influencing movies like The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit and TV series such as Mad Men. Today, flannel garb makes up a significant chunk of sales of pajamas and baby clothes.

Amazing Feats of Flannel

Flannel makes water boil faster. Flannel breaks the sound barrier. Flannel cures cancer.* Flannel defeats the Tongan Death Grip. Flannel invented the wheel. Flannel tamed the wild Canadian spirit. The only thing that is better than flannel is more flannel. Flannel has powered the greatest achievements in history.

  • George Washington wore long flannel underwear when he crossed the Delaware.
  • Sigmund Freud wore a flannel suitcoat when he wrote The Interpretation of Dreams.
  • Orville and Wilbur Wright’s flannel scarves flapped in the wind when they first took flight at Kitty Hawk.
  • Tenzing Norgay and Sir Edmund Hillary’s flannel socks helped them summit Mount Everest.
  • Indira Gandhi wore a flannel sari when she became India’s first woman prime minister.
  • Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in a spacesuit lined with flannel.
  • Al Gore was wearing flannel pajamas when he invented the Internet.
  • Michael Jordan (we are told) donned his lucky flannel boxers to film Space Jam.

Maybe we can’t prove they were wearing flannel—but can you prove that they weren’t?
* Statement not evaluated by the FDA.

The Flannual Report

Flannel is the secret sauce of success. Here is EKR’s 2015 flannual report.

  • April: We completed the largest international research project in EKR history.
  • May: Utah gave us 3 more Best of State awards to add to our collection.
  • August: Eli Kirk joined forces with Riser to become EKR.
  • November: The Gutsy Games made their pumpkin-defeating debut at the 2015 Slash Bash.
  • November: EKR received the Utah Marketing award in the category of rebranding.
  • December: We completed our 14th consecutive profitable year.
  • Ongoing: We discovered Flannel Season. Or maybe it discovered us.

Because we’re addicted to achievement, we’ve instituted mandatory Flannel Fridays at EKR. Maybe you should do the same.

The Flannel Countdown

Flannel Season doesn’t last all year; just most of it. Keep the ruggedness rolling with this free 2016 Flannel Season calendar. Whether you’re celebrating the season or counting down to the next one, even your wall will take pride in the sturdy men and women sporting their flannel. This calendar isn’t quite a bearskin or a chainsaw, but it’ll do. You’re welcome.

Download the calendar.

Meet EKR’s Flannel Enthusiasts

We’re big-time flannelists out here in the Mountain West. Brawny lumberjacks. Gap-toothed hillbillies. Bearded truckers. We’re not ashamed. Flannel doesn’t apologize. We embrace our inner (and outer) flannel. Flaunting flannel is kind of our thing. What else would you expect from a bunch of Utahns?