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How Podcasts Help Your Destination Grow

How Podcasts Help Your Destinations Grow

EKR recently combined forces with Relic, a full-service tourism advertising agency. This merge allows EKR to work with Relic in the tourism marketing industry and add our valuable services to clients. Keep reading to discover the Destination Marketing Podcast Network, find out more about podcasts, and learn why your destination (or company!) can benefit from starting one. 


CEO and podcast host Adam Stoker smiles in a conference room with podcast recording materials including a laptop, headphones and microphone.

Adam Stoker records an episode of The Destination Marketing Podcast

Why Podcasts?

A podcast is an up-and-coming way for destinations to tell stories, build brand awareness and create personalized experiences for visitors and the community. Podcasts are also a great tool to attract younger audiences to your destination. As life gets busier, millennials and Gen Z prefer to consume passive content. In 2021, 41% of Americans 12 or older listened to podcasts monthly, compared to 26% in 2018 (Edison Research and Triton Digital).

When starting a podcast, you reach your audience anywhere. A podcast allows you to discuss the attractions, food and local events in your destination. Several of our clients took on podcast services and have seen great success, including The Hola Laredo Podcast and The Inner Coastal Podcast. Be sure to listen to their episodes to get inspiration for your own destination!

It Helps Visitors Plan Their Trip

Podcasts give the destination a voice that tells what’s happening at that moment. Visitors can check into their hotel while hearing about the sizzling food they’ll enjoy that night. They’ll take a relaxing stroll through quaint neighborhoods while you let them know the best local artisan shops. Tell them the history of your downtown area as they drive past bright murals and sky-high buildings. This element of personalization creates a better experience for visitors. 

It Encourages Locals

Destination podcasts are useful to local stakeholders as well. By keeping locals up to date on upcoming events, you create a community. Locals love hearing about their favorite businesses in town. A podcast also helps locals be more involved. The Inner Coastal Podcast in Beaufort, South Caroline has had multiple stakeholders reach out to be a part of the podcast. People have a great sense of pride in their communities and a podcast helps them show it off. A podcast opens the doors saying, “Look, here are all the amazing things we have to offer here.”

Destination Marketing Podcast Network

Relic+EKR provides podcast services for destination clients as well as our own tourism marketing podcasts. Our hosts act as valuable thought leaders and interview experts in the tourism industry. All that our destination co-hosts have to do is show up and have a fun, bi-monthly conversation. They share about must-see adventures, the best stops for a delicious meal and more. Our co-hosts tell the stories of their destination and we take care of the rest. From planning and recording to post-production and distribution, we cover all of the tricky parts. 

Looking for a better destination marketing strategy? Want to learn about influencer or digital marketing? Our podcasts cover it. Check out the podcasts below to step up your destination game!

The Destination Marketing Podcast

The Destination Marketing Podcast is Relic+EKR’s ultimate podcast for all things related to tourism marketing. Our goal is to help people focus on marketing strategies while staying up to date on trends. It isn’t a fluff podcast to motivate and make you feel good. We dive deep into what destination marketers do and how to do it! Relic+EKR CEO Adam Stoker hosts guests and gets insights into their success.

Influencer Marketing for Destinations Podcast

Jacqueline is a marketing expert. Jess is an influencer. Together, they share a love for the tourism industry. This podcast teaches destinations and influencers how to collaborate for successful partnerships. They cover trends and host guests to keep the podcast timely and relevant. With marketing expertise from both sides, they each bring a unique perspective.

The Travel Vertical

If you’re not already getting The Travel Vertical newsletter, you’re missing out on the latest tourism news. This podcast is the audio version offering episodes curated for digital tourism marketers and agencies. Each episode features award-worthy campaign ideas, research round-ups, fun facts and surprise guests.

Tourism Media Mayhem

Relic+EKR’s newest podcast features Sasha and Josh, traditional and digital media experts. They tame the chaos of media and provide interesting insights. This podcast helps anyone advertising in the tourism industry sift through the madness and make profitable decisions. 

Hola Laredo Podcast

Take a walk through this unique border town by the Rio Grande. This podcast verbally illustrates the bicultural blend of American and Mexican culture from food to fashion. Listen to learn about the wonders of this historic city and its multicultural flair. Experience Laredo like a local by discovering its unity, history and cultura through The Hola Laredo Podcast.

Inner Coastal Podcast

Relax on a front porch swing as you listen to this guide to Beaufort, South Carolina. Stakeholders each share their business’ contribution to the low-country lifestyle from historic landmarks to the movie filmed in the location. Learn about festivals, attractions, food and Beaufort’s best-kept secrets with host Natasha Lye. Today, “The Inner Coastal Podcast” still sees wonderful organic growth that was showcased in two 2021 Communicator Awards: one award of Excellence in the category of branded series and one Distinction award in the category of individual episodes. 

Let’s Go Ramble Podcast

Located just a few hours south of Salt Lake, Beaver County is sure to have something for every adventurer. Listen to learn about the best places to hike, ski and explore in this special area of Utah. Pack your bags, grab your hiking shoes and come and see for yourself what this amazing place has to offer.

Meet Us in Buellton

Listen to hear why you should visit Buellton, California, and what makes it an affordable, exceptional place to visit. Host McKenzie Felsted chats with locals about the best stops and why people love to discover the small town. Whether it’s touring quirky museums, eating at the tastiest restaurants or exploring OstrichLand USA, there’s fun and entertainment waiting for all. 

Starting Your Own Podcast

Podcasts are a great tool to get visitors and locals excited about your destination. Providing up-to-date information helps you connect with your target market. Ready to start the conversation with your audience? With Relic+EKR podcast services, all you have to do is chat with us about your destination and we handle the rest. Starting a podcast is an investment in your destination. You create a piece of owned content for your brand that transports potential visitors through storytelling. Stay ahead of the game by moving your destination into this new media space. 

Let us know if you’re interested in our podcast services! You can reach us by sending us an email at