What’s going on at EKR?

EKR creates effective solutions that drive brand engagement and loyalty. Below are several case studies that highlight the range of our marketing, creative and technology capabilities. Searching for something specific? Contact us and we’ll walk you through some relevant project examples.

Bill Brady Presents at SMARTcon 2016 on Building Brand Value

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At SMARTcon 2016, Bill Brady shared valuable principles he’s learned from consulting with companies about how to improve the authenticity and success of their brands. After co-founding and running his own brand-based marketing firm for over 11 years, Bill joined EKR in 2010 and now serves as President and CMO of the Utah-based branding and creative agency.

Throughout his career, Bill has witnessed companies fight to be at the top. Many organizations never make it. But those who become industry leaders have something in common: They make calculated branding choices on their path to success.

Engaging with the SMARTcon audience, Bill asked, “What are you really selling?” The question comes from his sixth step to building brand value and helps companies tap into brand power by defining their core essence. Referring to Simon Sinek’s “Start With Why,” Bill emphasized that in order to build a powerful brand, you have to know why your brand is doing what it’s doing.

Bill brought up Little Giant Ladders as a fine example. This successful ladder manufacturer doesn’t sell products to make a profit. “And if that’s your reason,” Bill said, “then you’ve missed the boat.” They sell better ladders because they want to make work safer for everyone using a ladder. They want to make sure fathers and mothers come home at night.

From his own repertoire, Bill recounted a time when a tutoring company came to him for help. After stripping away all distractions and focusing on their core essence, the company discovered the reason they get up in the morning and do what they do every day: They help children succeed and have confidence in themselves. This prioritized exercise propelled the company’s brand into new heights.

And that’s what every brand needs if it’s going to produce significant results. It needs people who can get behind it and stay loyal to it. Bill, for instance, admitted that he’s completely loyal to Sunkist oranges because he grew up really believing that Sunkist had better oranges. And that’s because Sunkist, he explained, positioned themselves as a better quality orange producer.

Presenting on his 11 Steps to Building Brand Value, Bill divulged what he’s discovered to be the primary difference between companies who win and those who don’t. It comes down to a simple principle: Stronger brands produce stronger results. Any company, large or small, can strategically build a stronger brand to achieve the desired outcome.

EKR’s CCO Michael Janda featured in PRINT magazine

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This week, PRINT magazine spotlighted EKR’s chief creative officer Michael Janda as the Designer of the Week. Mike is EKR’s Chief Creative Officer and author of the book Burn Your Portfolio: Stuff they don’t teach you in design school, but should, which teaches designers, photographers, web designers, copywriters, programmers, architects and other creative professionals things like relationship building, business savvy, client management and production strategies. Michael will be a speaker at the HOW Design Live conference in May 2016, where he will share practical techniques for delivering, presenting, and displaying work in order to turn customers into clients with repeat engagements. Read More

“Eli Kirk Riser” Rebrands as EKR

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EKR Logo

PROVO, Utah — October 2, 2015 — Eli Kirk Riser, a digital agency based in Utah with local and national clientele, announced today an immediate move to operate by the name “EKR.” The new moniker is a consolidated form of “Eli Kirk Riser” that allows the company’s roots to inspire growth while celebrating the possibilities and potential created by increased national attention. Read More

Eli Kirk announces acquisition of award-winning creative agency Riser

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Eli Kirk today announced the acquisition of Riser, a Utah-based creative agency that produces award-winning creative work for global brands ranging from Disney and Pepsico to National Geographic and Google.

Through the acquisition, which was formalized on August 1, the two agencies are now housed together in Provo, forming a 67-person team that will fuse Eli Kirk’s proven approach to brand development, comprehensive marketing strategy and industry-leading interactive capabilities with Riser’s deep creative experience, industry leadership and national audience.

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Riser Releases Proprietary Content Management System

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Riser is excited to announce our latest product, SiteRiser, a nimble yet powerful content management system for any type of website. After years of ideating and prototyping we finally decided to see it through and prove it’s awesomeness. We wanted to take everything we loved and hated about other products to ensure a robust CMS for designers and developers, but more importantly it needed to stay super simple for the administrator. We crafted this CMS under the motto “If we need instructions, its not user friendly and not ready.” After months of developing and testing, we put it to use on an active project, and it was a massive success.

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Google Fiber Decides to Shack Up with EKR

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We’re excited to have a future-ready sandbox to play in, to create, and to fulfill.

Unbridled Innovation for Provo Businesses

There’s no doubt the buzz about Google dubbing Provo its new fibertown has entrepreneurs—with bags packed—en route to the Silicon Slopes. Why? Because having speeds of 1 gigabit per second means businesses can disseminate information as quickly as they can produce it. And anyone within the Google Fiber network can receive that information without any barrier of bandwidth. In a playground with augmented connectivity, innovation is unbridled, and that gives Utah Valley the competitive advantage in attracting business to the area. Read More

Eli Kirk Celebrates 10 Years, Adds New President to Executive Team

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Eli Kirk Celebrates 10 Years, Adds New President to Executive Team

PROVO, Utah — Sept. 8, 2011 — Now celebrating its tenth year of business, Eli Kirk today announced the appointment of Bill Brady as the company’s president, overseeing day-to-day operations and business development. In a move designed to increase the firm’s capacity for growth, he joins Lance Black and Jarid Love as a member of the firm’s executive team.

“After 10 successive years of growth, and with a steadily growing roster of employees, we are excited to expand Bill’s role, which increases our capacity and positions us well for the future,” said Lance Black, who will remain as the company’s CEO and stay fully involved in the business. “We are extremely grateful for all our wonderful clients over the past decade, and this move will help me to have more face time with them and in the community.” Read More

Eli Kirk Acquires M2 Results

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Top Utah County Creative Agency Eli Kirk Acquires M2 Results of Salt Lake City

PROVO, Utah — December 3, 2010 — Today Eli Kirk announced the acquisition of M2 Results, a leading brand strategy and marketing firm located in Salt Lake City. Central to the purchase are the transfer of M2’s client base and acquisition of Brand Effect™, the firm’s proven brand strategy development methodology.

“We are excited to extend our leadership in brand management, website development, marketing and award-winning creativity with M2’s deep background in brand development and marketing strategy,” said Eli Kirk President Lance Black. “We believe this acquisition will help us increase the breadth and depth of our offerings by strengthening the brand cultures and marketing programs we develop for our clients.” Read More