Align B.I.

Align B.I. provides data and business intelligence solutions to technology companies like Adobe. To attract similar businesses, they needed to establish a brand identity as an intelligent, technology-driven company, so they engaged EKR to develop a brand strategy and guide design and development.

Positioning & Messaging

EKR’s strategy team developed a voice for the brand to accentuate their values of clarity, order, power and reliability. We aimed for an engaging and energizing tone and design strategy to show Align B.I.’s cutting edge solutions. We developed this strategy to solidify Align B.I.’s position in the market and establish a consistent tone to guide content, copy and design decisions.

Brochure Design

EKR’s design team created a new brochure for the client that displayed their use of intelligence to strengthen businesses while supporting the themes of clarity, order, power and reliability. The brochure’s dynamic style reinforced Align B.I.’s modern approach to business intelligence.

Website Design & Development

EKR’s design and development teams crafted an eye-catching and engaging website with animated PNGs for the client to show their cutting-edge, technology-based solutions.