American Numismatic Association

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is a nonprofit organization that encourages people to collect and study coins. ANA approached EKR for help rebranding, redesigning and developing their online presence, EKR developed mood boards, style guides, logos, site plans and a gamified user strategy to create an engaging and visually appealing experience for numismatists everywhere.

Mood Boards

EKR designers curated fonts, images, graphics, designs and color schemes to help ANA visualize a new look and feel for their website.

Identity Design

EKR’s brand strategists took ANA through the design process and developed a new personality and style guide for their site. EKR designers handcrafted a bunch of smart, good-looking logos to go along with ANA’s new style.


To engage their users and create an online community, ANA’s website needed a gamified approach. EKR designers and developers worked together to create games, awards and status symbols for ANA’s users. EKR made badges that are as fun to earn and collect as most coins.

Site Planning

Everything that ANA’s website has become is thanks to the careful planning of EKR’s design team in collaboration with ANA. From content strategy to technical specs, we covered every base.

Website Design & Development

EKR’s development team put all of the planning and designing into practice. They created a comprehensive community with users, points, hierarchies and usability—all on one beautiful new website.