Beauty Matcher

From strategy to app stores. Beauty Matcher approached EKR to bring its social community to life. Beauty Matcher is a company set on creating the perfect atmosphere for everyday users to share images in the fashion and beauty industry. Their mission is to show real beauty from real people. EKR was engaged to create Beauty Matcher’s mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Beauty Matcher’s goal is to create a connected fashion community in which stylists can present their portfolios and users can share beauty trends.

Technical Strategy

The objective was to guide app users through an easy profile setup, and then deliver relevant content. EKR’s strategy team developed user personas and the design team mapped the user paths and wire-framed the entire application to assure the visual designs would accurately align with the technical strategy.

Mobile App Design & Development

Following the technical strategy and user experience design, EKR finished the application for both iOS and Android, including the high-definition designs and mobile app development. The process included deployment and testing on several mobile devices running the different operating systems.