Big-D Construction

Big-D Construction, consistently named among the top commercial builders in the U.S., reached out to EKR for top-tier design work and website creation. Cory Moore, vice president of Big-D, said, “EKR will help us turn our breathtaking work into a breathtaking showpiece on the Web.” That Eli Kirk Riser did. Our UX/UI created a never-before-attempted website navigation, and the development team implemented cutting-edge video integration throughout a beautifully structured and designed website. Other initiatives included messaging and design for an advertising campaign, as well as stationery and booklet design.

Stationery Design

Big-D needed exploration and concept options. EKR’s design team created stationary pieces within Big-D’s established brand style. Pieces included letterhead, business cards, branded thank-you cards and other collateral.

Booklet Design

EKR’s layout design team explored several booklet concepts. With a client-selected direction, the team produced the following three booklets for internal use: The Office Employee Manual, Field Employee Manual and Code of Conduct Manual.

Website Design & Development

Big-D required a showpiece website for their showpiece projects. The EKR UX/UI team devised the sitemap and wireframes, as well as a show-stopping navigation. EKR’s talented design and development teams made the vision happen.