Hammering out a new industry standard.


What happens when a construction crew and team of web-builders come together? An innovative and never-before-attempted website, that’s what. We teamed up with Big-D Construction and laid the foundation for a new industry standard. Stay tuned for more.

  • Campaign Strategy
  • Expanded Collateral
  • Digital Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Booklets & Training Manuals

With a name like Big-D Construction, they started noticing that they were missing out on one of their target audiences—the little guys. So EKR came in with a marketing campaign to appeal to all potential clients. We strategized messaging to launch their “No job too small” initiative. Digital marketing and print designs came together to announce to the world that Big-D could take on any project thrown their way, big or small.


Nobody likes settling for less, especially not Big-D Construction. So they went in for more. We took their existing brand and built it out into blueprints for future messaging. We designed stationary pieces and created a document template for desktop publishing. This is one instance where more really is more.


To create a visually stunning and content-rich site, EKR designed around the hierarchy of Big-D’s portfolio pieces. Each page of the site draws users in with sleek aesthetic and dynamite content.


How do you take an overly saturated industry, with seemingly indistinguishable players, and make it unique? It’s in the execution of user experience. We created something never before executed on a website, placing users into a construction process as soon as they land. Never-before-attempted is our middle name.

How can you make users an integral part of the construction process, without handing them a hard hat? How do you make beautiful showpieces come to life? Video integration and seamless navigation. We imbedded video into the landing page to immerse users in ongoing Big-D construction projects. This turned visitors into actual participants in Big-D’s construction process—instead of experiencing it through pictures alone. We streamlined the user’s path through the website with a navigation bar that didn’t detract from the movement of the video behind it.


Big-D required a showpiece website for their showpiece projects. The website blueprint had our developers and designers scratching their heads at first. But at EKR, head-scratching is pretty short lived. The EKR team devised the sitemap and wireframes, as well as a show-stopping navigation. Soon, our team had completely redesigned Big-D’s website to incorporate seamless transitions, without distracting from the ongoing motion in the background.


Oftentimes, companies only market and design for future clients. But for Big-D, we produced good-looking materials for their internal team as well. Our layout design team explored several booklet concepts for Big-D to choose from. Once we had some direction, our team crafted three booklets for internal use: The Office Employee Manual, Field Employee Manual and Code of Conduct Manual.


Big-D’s website is now considered the one to beat in the construction industry. We developed never-before-seen web design and helped Big-D pivot as the ultimate bid winner.