This project was all about promoting a good cause with fresh design and robust development. The Center for International Media Assistance is a research and knowledge platform that aims to improve the effectiveness of media development around the world. The Center provides information, builds networks, conducts research, and highlights the indispensable role media play in the creation and development of sustainable democracies. EKR was commissioned by CIMA to design and develop their new site to better promote the necessity of their cause.

Information Architecture

EKR’s strategy team consulted with the client to identify content types and volume in preparation for the architecture of their website destination. The EKR IA specialists crafted a robust series of wireframes and site maps to define each component of the site.

Discovery Concepts

One of the biggest challenges of this website re-design was the compatibility and platform requirements. The CIMA users are diverse in culture, location, technology and bandwidth restrictions. EKR was eager to craft the right layout, style and design that would improve usability and catered to every CIMA user.


Following the Information Architecture phase of the project, EKR’s design team embarked on the creation of design comps to establish the look and feel of the site. Several designs were presented to the client for feedback and approval prior to landing on the final design.

Responsive Design

EKR designed several layouts to make up the thousands of pages, resources, and posts that would ultimately make up the content of the website. Special attention went to the responsive design and development. Immediately after launch, the positive user feedback flooded in.