Davies + Allen

The upstart accounting firm Davies + Allen approached EKR to develop a new brand that effectively portrayed their “People First” philosophy. EKR’s designers collaborated with the client throughout the design exploration process until landing on a visual brand that not only matched the philosophies of the company, but also matched the friendly and professional style of the partners and extended team. Following the creation of the initial branding elements, EKR developed marketing materials including stationery, printed collateral and a corporate website.

Identity Design

After an extensive brand strategy engagement, EKR’s creative team explored identity concepts, brand colors, typography and other style elements, culminating in a stunning identity package.

Collateral Design

Following establishment of the client’s logo, typography and color usage standards, EKR’s designers developed collateral and stationery to empower the client to begin marketing their firm.

Poster Design

EKR helped the client expand their brand into their office space through the creation of a series of posters. Each poster contained a client quote designed to remind the Davies + Allen team of the firm’s core principles.

Website Design & Development

A simple 1-page website was all that was necessary to establish the firm’s digital presence. The site contains information about the practice, client testimonials, services listings and contact information.