More than 60,000 posts within hours of launch.


The FX challenge: Capture invaluable content from the Comic-Con audience. The EKR solution: Transform FX Networks’ blog into the ultimate digital destination for all Comic-Con goers. Let’s just say, we made it happen.

  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Aggregation
  • Social Media Moderation & Analytics
  • Development & Programming


It was all about harnessing the power of the fans. Comic-Con goers contributed consistently to the content on the site. Then FX generated their own content, keeping them relevant. Takeaway: Nerds should never be underestimated.


Whether enjoying Comic-Con in real-time or online, visitors felt wanted, entertained and just plain excited to be there. That’s the user experience effect.


FX Networks was already working with an identifiable and distinguished brand. So, each site module was customized to match FX Networks’ unique style and appeal to the audience demographic—the fans. We explored color and layout options that remained true to FX, while still complementing all things nerdy. Through responsive design, we channeled the hype and energy of that fan-filled event into a dynamically social website.


People divide their lives across all sorts of social media sites. But with targeted aggregation, there are no posts left behind. Comic-Con goers were encouraged to post on their preferred social network using the hashtag #SDCC. The blog then compiled a feed of all this user-generated content and content from the FX team.


With so many different users participating on the site, things can sometimes get a little out of hand. But not this time. We built a custom moderation tool for FX Networks’ use. That way they could view posts and filter out any off-brand or inappropriate content—no trolls here. A backend tool ran analytics to report on the quantity of posts, people posting and most popular content. FX Networks had total control. But no worries, the power didn’t go to their heads.


This is where we really started to bring things together. We first developed with the fans and users in mind. We implemented user experience and crafted a space users actively wanted to participate in. We then put our own team of nerds to work on wireframing and programming social media aggregation and a user-generated feed. Next we developed tools specifically for FX, and programmed separate moderation and analytics tools using WordPress based CMS.


Within a few hours of launch, the blog received over 60,000 posts—social content that might have otherwise been lost. These are results worth sharing. #ekr #results