Google Shopping Engine Services

Google engaged the EKR creative team to support marketing efforts of their Shopping Engine Services, which are part of Google’s Channel Intelligence division. As part of the engagement, EKR’s illustration team developed visual data assets and EKR’s design team created the look and feel of the presentation. Following approval of the design assets, EKR’s creatives built the presentation in usable formats, including versions for both Powerpoint and Google Slides.

Concept Sketches

To begin the project, EKR’s illustration team analyzed the provided content and sketched concepts to visually represent the data contained in the presentation.

Data Visualization

The approved sketch concepts were converted into finished graphics delivered in vector format for use in the presentation document. All illustrations and data visualizations were created in accordance with Google’s branding standards.

Presentation Design

The content, illustrations and visual assets were designed into a cohesive presentation by EKR’s creative team. The final presentation contained more than 30 custom designed slides.