Kraft First Taste Canada

For Kraft Canada, EKR collaborated with Aspen Marketing (part of the Epsilon family of agencies) to create a feature-rich, interactive website destination. The EKR team executed on all phases of the massive engagement, including content planning, user interface strategy, technical strategy, design, development and ongoing maintenance. The website was a gamified destination for all things “food.” The site allowed users to create an account, interact with the site content, create new food related content and earn points and rewards for their actions. Points can then be spent in online store for both digital and tangible products offered by Kraft.

Content Strategy & Planning

EKR’s content team ideated and developed website content recommendations for presentation to the client. Each piece of content was developed to drive traffic and build site stickiness.

UX Strategy & Planning

Following the establishment of the core site content concepts, EKR continued with robust wireframing. The client could view all comps and communicate directly with EKR’s UX team members. Every page and feature was thoroughly wireframed to ensure that the client (and development team) had a clear understanding of how the content would be displayed and how users would engage with the site.

Design Planning & Mood Boards

EKR’s designers began the design phase through the creation of mood boards. The boards were used to help establish the initial look and feel of site elements. The client provided feedback on various mood board elements, giving the EKR design team valuable insights as they began working on site designs.

Website Design

After establishing the mood board elements, EKR’s designers began marrying the wireframes with the design elements. Exploration of color usage, texture and layout modifications lead to final design concepts.

Icons & Badges

The gamified website required EKR’s illustrators to create badges, trophies and icons for use in the site. Each icon was custom-designed and implemented into the gamification components.

Casual Games

The final site contains several casual games to enhance the site’s stickiness. Each game was concerted, designed, illustrated, animated and programmed by EKR team members. Users could try to catch falling food in Recipe Katcher by moving back and forth catching tasty food. In Meal Mashup, three in a row made the game player a winner. Users could sort through various Kraft foods to pair up the products and earn points. In Kitchen Kaper, the player was the chef, and hopping back and forth on the stove top in search of points and goodies. Each game on First Taste Canada helped players earn points that redeemable in the Kraft First Taste Canada store.

Website Development & Gamification

EKR’s development team programmed the robust destination. The final site contained hundreds of pages and features, ranging from campaigns to banner ads to products and recipes. A robust content management system allowed the client’s team to manage and maintain the site content. Bunchball Nitro was integrated into the site to manage the gamification elements.