MICHE was officially launched in 2007 and is marketed in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada and several other countries around the world. Since their launch, the signature line of magnetic interchangeable handbags has expanded from one to four sizes. EKR was commissioned for marketing strategy and style guide as well as catalog design and a website redesign.

Marketing Strategy & Style Guide

EKR’s strategy team performed quantitative and qualitative research in order better understand the MICHE brand position and develop a marketing strategy, a tagline and well-targeted messages. EKR’s creative team then fleshed out the brand’s visual style with an associated guide.

Catalog Design

With visual brand elements like color palette, typography and iconography in place, the EKR layout team designed a stunning catalog for the 2015 season.

Website Design & Development

The EKR UX/UI developed extensive wireframes for user paths to guide users through the site’s content architecture. Then, the creative team built all primary, secondary and tertiary page designs. The shopping experience was a crucial component to the design and development of the website, employing the expertise of EKR’s experienced e-commerce developers.