Supporting a software titan for 16 years.


Micro Focus—our first big engagement—brought us on to keep their site up to date and manage their nonstop stream of content. Today, our onsite team of developers, designers, writers and digital marketers support their enterprise-level campaigns on an everyday basis. We’ve been there for every start, pivot and turn for 16 years. Good thing we’re not afraid of commitment.

  • Dedicated Onsite Team
  • Integration Strategy
  • Digital Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Content Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Iconography & Infographics
  • Collateral Design
  • Social Media Strategy & Design


At first, EKR’s only role was to update the Micro Focus website. 16 years later, we’re their integrated strategy and production powerhouse. We also help with overall site design, site consolidation and the integration of all Micro Focus brands. We’re good at long-term.


Micro Focus needs agility and quality day in, day out. Our solution: an integrated agency team who works directly onsite with the company’s internal departments. This way, when Micro Focus needs to make a quick move on marketing, implementation or maintenance, we’re there with the assist.


No matter the size or shape of your brand, all our strategy starts with a plan. We analyzed the stats and sitemaps of every business unit under Micro Focus, and inventoried all the content. EKR then collaborated with internal stakeholders to keep the Micro Focus voice consistent throughout. We balanced the priorities of the client and made sure everyone was on the same page—and there were a lot of pages.


Is it possible to make a website for a multinational tech company that has the familiar ease of your favorite blog? Well, for EKR it is. Our content strategy called for the equilibrium of software and simplicity. Tech tycoons with a fun side.


Tech industry giants know the importance of easy human-to-device interactions. That is what the EKR UX is all about. During this critical phase in web building, we combined the innovation that comes with the Micro Focus tone, along with the user-friendly interface you’ll find in any of our work. We designed an experience that was accessible and visually stunning. We like things that look good and work well at the same time.

We create things that do more than attract traffic—we keep traffic coming back. Paying close attention to detail, and factoring in the human being at every turn, we made something perfect for Micro Focus. EKR approached the massive site with our step-by-step process, all on a path to expressing the Micro Focus brand, encompassing their services and the services of each brand within. It was a big challenge, and a big UX win.


This massive project called for our best people, doing their best work. It even called for some people who weren’t ours. After EKR selected the platforms for MicroFocus to run out on, we brought in some extra developers that knew the platforms as well. We care more about the final result than we do about putting our name all over something. As for web design, our signature is in the details. Our designers always deliver on smart, stylish looks that fit the brand. For Micro Focus, this meant developing a website with the aspects of business and community, marketing content in the shape of forums and blogs. We collaborated with their IT department on infrastructure changes and new servers. Now, they publish everything through the interface we made. Yeah, it feels good to be used.


In addition to the Mico Focus blueprints, we did a lot of building. Using lead generation software like Eloqua, we made and managed marketing automation and revenue performance solutions for Micro Focus. EKR worked on email campaigns, online content, research, development, analytics and we even built an email creation system for them. That way, the content owners could build out their HTML email and save the company a lot of money. That part made them extra happy. We also made them smile with our work on SEO, PPC, CRM and SAP.


A multinational software conglomerate needs a little flare. A unique set of symbols that’s all their own. EKR designed the Micro Focus iconography and built a whole font library of icons. Cool and effective.


Brands live in the digital space and the tangible one. Our website design influenced the brand so much, Micro Focus tasked our team to extend our work into several of their print collateral pieces.


We saw that Micro Focus could be hitting a larger audience if they dipped their techy toes in the sea of social media. EKR designed media and wrote content with a business look and social spin. We capitalized on the Micro Focus community with forums and blogs.


Micro Focus is so big, there are a lot of hoops to jump through for an internal team. Our agile, dedicated team is there to quickly execute on strategies and make quick pivots (without any of the red tape). 16 years going on strong.