Starting an online community. Like flipping coins.

OVERVIEW, the site of the American Numismatic Association (ANA), is the definitive stop for coin collectors online. The problem: coin collectors weren’t going online. The ANA approached us to create a web destination that would invite traffic—a place for numismatists to connect, play, swap ideas, create events and share historical info with each other.

  • Brand Strategy
  • Color Exploration
  • Logo Design
  • Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Design Planning
  • Website Design & Development
  • Gamification Mechanics & Integration


To begin this website excavation, the ANA needed a rebrand. EKR provided a refreshed identity while maintaining the brand’s commitment to tradition and learning. We got educated: examined industry competitors, looked for visual trends, studied what companies related to them look like and more. This diligent process provided the visual and conceptual platform for their shiny new identity.


A lot can be said with a color palette. We know that hot pink doesn’t necessarily scream “nonprofit educational society,” so we stayed away from it. During ANA color exploration, we took their existing palette and enhanced it for the new design. Same esteemed tone, but stronger.

LOGO DESIGN needed a logo with roots in the past and appeal for the future. During design we dug into the rich symbolism of American currency and coin history, developing a professional and historical style. We then transformed any antiquated images into slick, timeless icons. After several rounds of revisions and improvements, we landed on a final logo that communicated the perfect balance of tradition and innovation.


During content strategy we needed to answer one question: what will invite an engaged, online community? Exciting content that is easy to find. EKR gave the ANA a stylish place to put their awards, blogs, clubs, quizzes, forums, events, museum details, library pages, history and advisory council contact info. An organized collection for the collectors.

ana website sitemap

To ensure the functionality of a site this rich with info, UX had to be easy and inevitable. EKR created simple features, the ANA signed off on all elements, and the site did what it was made to at launch. Awesome.

ana wireframes

Everything we do, from swatches to mood boards, must align with the new brand vision. EKR designers curated all the fonts, images, graphics, designs and color schemes to help ANA visualize a new look and feel for their website. We earn trust and then we design.

ana website mockups

The refreshed, iconic style of is the direct result of careful planning by EKR’s design team in collaboration with the ANA. From content strategy to technical specs, we every base. We put all our planning and designing expertise to the test on this project—and it paid off. visibly improved and started inspiring donations. EKR created a comprehensive community with active users, point systems, hierarchies and usability—all on one stunning new website.

Once people are coming to a site, they need a reason to stay. So, in addition to style, we designed a sticky feature in the ANA website. Games. Using the Kohana framework, EKR gamified site interactions to result in badges and achievements. On top of that, we created a feature for collectors to log their findings online for extra awards. We made these new components responsive on both the computer and on all mobile devices. Now that’s how you stretch a dollar—or coin, in this case.

ana website design
ana mobile mockup

To capitalize on their user base, the ANA’s site needed a gamified revival. EKR designers and developers created games, awards and status symbols for the online community. If there’s one thing the ANA is in to, it’s collecting things. Our badges are as fun to gather as most coins.

ana badges


In response to our revamp, the site received a booming 70,000 users in a few months. EKR has maintained this volume for them for four years. Four years of active users, returning game players, new memberships and donations—some as high as $20,000 (that’s a lot of coins).