A pivot toward 70% of annual sales in just two months.


ObservePoint had an industry-changing product but weren’t reaching their audience fast enough. EKR came in for strategy, branding and website design. Then—because we always do our homework and ask the right questions—EKR diagnosed a huge problem: ObservePoint was pushing away the very audience they needed to target. We helped them turn that challenge into a win—a.k.a loads of new sales.

  • Research & Targeting
  • Messaging Map
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Identity Design
  • Identity System
  • Website Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design & Development
  • Marketing Collateral


We discovered that ObservePoint needed to shift their offering and how they messaged to web analysts and CXOs. Time for a profitable pivot.


Complicated tech needs to stay on message at every tier of service. We developed an organized framework to inspire and align compelling, relevant messaging for ObservePoint’s data analytics services.


We focused on innovation and enthusiasm, positioning the web analyst as a data hero who uses the ObservePoint tool—all supported with top-down messaging to CXOs to accelerate the purchasing decision.


ObservePoint really sells knowledge. We designed a unique identity package and logotype based on our discovery of this distilled purpose: tell the truth.


As the authorities on information in the analytics world, ObservePoint has to be consistent. We developed an identity system and style guide to keep them on track to preserve their newly memorable and remarkable brand across all marketing channels.


Let’s take things from awareness to conversion. We built a content strategy to turn online customers into converts—users that believe analytics tools need auditing, to ensure the most accurate data.


Because we brought so much to the table during strategy, ObservePoint asked us to stay on to help with UX/UI design for a lead-generation tool. We said, “Yes, we’re in this for the results.” Our design and development teams created an online tool that allows potential clients to audit their company’s website and receive a detailed report on missing tags. This tool makes smart recommendations that assist in ObservePoint’s sales process—the less work a user has to do, the better.

It’s vital to keep the human in mind, even on a project this robotic. We architect the kinds of things people enjoy interacting with. Placing real people at the forefront of our user experience design, EKR created custom style concepts for ObservePoint to choose from. We then built an experience that was responsive, clear cut and easy to navigate. An experience that converts.


EKR’s design and development teams needed to create a corporate website focused on lead-generation technology. ObservePoint wanted direction, so we drew a map. We spotted and conquered all the obstacles along their path to better online branding. What can we say? We love an adventure. The main obstacle was the old pricing model: it was ostracizing a large portion of ObservePoint’s target market. EKR helped change that—we even created a pricing widget as part of their new website. The audience grew. The brand voice transformed. Instead of an apologetic tone, ObservePoint now operates in a paradigm of leadership.


With a recharged style in place, EKR’s design team created unique ObservePoint collateral: brochures, trade show banners, take away pieces, business cards, letterhead and envelopes. Sales tools targeted for each audience, all based on ObservePoint’s philosophy and fresh new look.


Just two months after the brand relaunch, ObservePoint faced a colossal surge in sales. They attributed 70% of business that year to EKR’s strategy. We love when breathtaking technology products get the attention they deserve.