Transforming leather into lifestyle.


To transition from a company with its roots in leather to a competitive lifestyle brand? That was the question. We created more opportunities for Rustico to expand its offerings and connect with new audiences.

  • Research & Targeting
  • Persona Development
  • Strategies & Tactics
  • Positioning & Messaging
  • Identity Design
  • Website Design & Development
  • Expanded Brand Design


What kind of shot does Rustico have at more business as a lifestyle brand? This and other questions, we answered through well-honed surveys, insightful interviews and beautiful analysis.


Promotional buyers and consumers live in different worlds. And Rustico wanted to make marks on both audiences. After we discovered what makes these personas tick, Rustico is more accurately hitting the most profitable targets.


Now how does Rustico go after it? One: Diversify offerings. Two: Focus on support and communications. Three: Push the new brand personality. Then run tactics from humanitarian partnerships to online marketing and social media campaigns.


With an origin deeply engrained in leather, it was time for a new start. Rustico’s audiences, both promotional buyers and general consumers, learned about a new side of Rustico.

  • Leave your mark.
  • Crafted right from the good stuff.
  • It’s about the journeys.
  • Live authentic.
  • One of a kinds.
  • Artisans make the difference.
  • Adventure covered.
  • Style with a cause.

    The ask: An old-world logo mark, patterns that backed the position of an adventurous lifestyle and design elements that tug at a millennial target audience. We believe in iteration until we nail it.


    When pivoting from purely functional to a branded shopping experience, it’s a fine balance between web design strategy and e-commerce implementation. We got this. A new position and design foundation is crucial to a great start, but when you’ve got your eye on conversions, like Rustico, it’s important to have a team who can put all the pieces together seamlessly.

    Not only did Rustico want an e-commerce solution focused on phenomenal user experience, but they also needed a content management system that empowered their team to make updates on the fly. From content strategy and design, down to content creation and custom development, we brought Rustico’s brand to life in a way it hadn’t lived before—speaking and connecting with an audience who is now buying in to their brand and making Rustico and “Leave your mark” a part of their lives, instead of simply purchasing a quality leather product.


    Email marketing campaigns. Photography direction. Identity collateral (business cards, letterhead and product tags). All extensions of the Rustico brand. All our cup of tea.


    Rustico wanted to turn things around. We crafted a position and redesigned the brand to focus on lifestyle and authenticity, opening new doors for Rustico to go after more market share. More targeted campaign messaging. Better website user experience. A new brand journey.