An innovative start from brand to destination.


The Mix founded an epicenter for culture, business and fun. They needed a message, logo and online presence to match. EKR delivered on all fronts: we made the frame and filling for The Mix website, designed their iconic logo and helped them pin down a voice.

  • Research & Targeting
  • Positioning
  • Messaging
  • Identity Design & Logo
  • Digital Sales Deck
  • Website Content Strategy
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Website Design & Development

Speaking to the right people when you want those people to visit your destination is an effort that has to come from research. We evaluated the ideal target in preparation for positioning and messaging.


EKR positioned The Mix as the crossroads for all things professional and entertaining. People can live, work and meet at The Mix. Everything is happening there, and everyone is invited.


We gave The Mix a unique message that separated them from the competition. They had to be more than just another shopping center. The Mix had to be a destination.


When it comes to a young brand, identity design is vital. At EKR, we see this process as an answer to one of the most important questions in business: what makes you different? What does The Mix offer, that others don’t? Our answer: the perfect blend of business and pleasure. Our identity and logo work captured this playful and productive symmetry.


A brand identity is more than a logo and pretty colors. We helped The Mix keep things consistent with a custom style guide that includes everything from when and how to use your logo, down which typography to use in which scenarios. Specifics.


To show The Mix that we understood their brand and had a plan for their future, we built them a digital sales deck. In our presentation of slides, we demonstrated our analysis of everything they had to offer: food, fun and a place to grow a business. We presented The Mix as a cohesive destination that everyone needs to experience, all within walking distance. EKR gave headlines to all their best selling points and we wrote the underlying copy—so we finished the homework and did some extra credit assignments. What can we say? We’re made of overachievers.


Our objective for The Mix website was to write content that invited everyone. Whether they were a growing brand looking for the ideal place to expand a business or a young professional looking for a vibrant community, The Mix is where to go.


Our UX for The Mix website had to keep the look and feel of the brand as a whole—innovative but familiar. A site that felt like an adventure and a living room all-in-one. Our designers created an experience that leads users inevitably, from one page to another, along a zig-zagging label graphic. The process embodied exactly what the brand had to offer: something for everyone. Soothing colors and clear categories of information not only attracted but also kept up site traffic. And, in order to emphasize the living breathing qualities of the website and the brand, we even built in some statistical animations. Yes, we can make them for you too.


Through a collaborative process of site-mapping and style-guiding, EKR made the perfect online destination for the perfect real-world destination. We developed a style that utilized a winning 50/50 split of work and play—a great time with a purpose. We designed the website to take people out for a spin, before they even set foot in The Mix.


EKR delivered an online experience—styled and animated—down to the last link. We distilled the winning combination of business and pleasure that The Mix offers, and put it into a digital getaway.