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Get kiddos reaching for a fruity new snack. We worked with Pepsi Co. to launch their product line of fruit-filled pouches. With a little world-building, interactive game development and a touch of EKR magic—Tropicana, Tropolis experienced serious lift off.

  • Content Strategy
  • Illustration
  • User Experience Design (UX)
  • Interactive World Design & Development
  • Online Games
tropicana product design

With kids, we needed to get on their level while still emphasizing what Tropicana, Tropolis has to offer. All activities, games and quizzes were flavor-infused from the start. Focus on brand-flavors while doubling up on fun.


Apples, grapes and cherries were illustrated as the best versions of themselves—colorful cartoons. Custom illustrations brought child-like energy to these vibrant new worlds.


A place for fruit and kids to play together. It kind of goes without saying that the Tropicana, Tropolis site needed to be kid-friendly. We optimized kid-driven navigation, so that they could easily jump from world-to-world and activity-to-activity. The system is bright, colorful and picture driven to encourage clicks and not slow down the exploration process. With user experience, kids could become fast friends with the site.


For kids, the perfect world is one where they can play with their food and eat it too. With Tropicana, Tropolis, we created not one, but three perfect worlds. Because at EKR, we’re all kids at heart.

We worked with Pepsi Co. to generate content concepts and functional specifications of the program. Three worlds were designed, each matching a flavor of the product—AppleWorld, CherryWorld and GrapeWorld. All so great, it’s hard to choose a favorite. Our team of designers created attention-grabbing visuals and programmed the site’s distinctive interactive content. These worlds contained several interactive games and features that engaged with kids to create product awareness and demand.


Channeling our inner-kid, EKR engineered unique and zany games for each of the three worlds. These were created to be easy for kids to figure out, but challenging enough to be fun. We programed with images and text to tell kids exactly what to do, so that they could quickly go about playing the games. The games were themed around each fruit flavor, so that the fun happening online could be channeled into real enthusiasm for the Tropicana, Tropolis products.

“It’s been a pleasure working with you! Best agency ever! Seriously, this website was the easiest project we have ever worked on.”

– Jamie K., PepsiCo


With a little (get it, kids?) know-how and some imagination, we were able to generate a lot of enthusiasm and demand for Tropicana, Tropolis. Playing with food has never been more fruitful.