Project Management: An Overview of 4 Methods

An Introduction into Project Management

When it comes to project management there are as many methodologies as there are types of projects. Methodologies are a group of principles used to plan and manage projects. Listed below are some of the commonly used project management methodologies:

  • Waterfall
  • Agile
  • Scrum
  • Kanban



The most popular and commonly used methodology is Waterfall. Due to its simplicity in execution, one task must be completed in the Waterfall method before another task can start. The best way to remember this is to think of dominoes. When dominoes are stacked one in front of the other, one must start falling and hit the subsequent domino behind it.

This method is popular in industries like construction where one trade must do their job before another trade (ie. framers before drywallers and drywallers before painters) can do their part. Due to the rigidity of this style, the project management plan must be detailed and organized in the beginning. This does not allow for “on-the-fly changes.”


Agile project management is not as strict as Waterfall. It allows tasks to be worked on simultaneously by various individuals. This method welcomes new iterations to scope including team brainstorming and collaborating as the project progresses.

This type of methodology works very well in software development as teams must build things with a plan, while at the same time being nimble enough to allow for new ideas that may change the project drastically.


Scrum should have been named Sprint, as the point of this project methodology is to move fast. Scrums are a small part of a larger project. It is common to see multiple Scrum Sprints within an Agile project.

Scrums allow a team to focus solely on a select set of goals. Then every day they meet and plan out the daily tasks for 15-20 minutes in meetings called Scrums or Stand Ups.


Kanban is the visual project management methodology created by an engineer who worked at Toyota Automotive in Japan. This method has columns with statuses. Then, within those columns, project managers move cards around the various columns as the status changes.

This allows team members to look at the board at any time and see the status of various tasks within a project.

Project Management Tools

As with any tool or software available on the market, there isn’t just one solution that fits all teams. With that being said, the project management tool you use should be able to answer the following questions quickly at a glance:

  • What projects are active and in process?
  • What is the status of those projects?
  • How does the tool manage tasks?
    • This is the most critical part of the tool, as task management is essential in project management.
    • Calendaring, scheduling, prioritization, budgeting, notes, comments, files, attachments etc. are all must-haves with multiple projects running simultaneously.

Creative Agency Project Management

For most creative agencies, project management will fall within the Waterfall method. This is because a plan or scope comes first, followed by messaging and content, design, development, printing, and marketing tactics.

Some agencies implement a mixture of the methodologies. As some projects change their scope, Waterfall with Agile is reflected. Team meetings or daily stand ups reflect the Scrum method.

An Inside Look at EKR

In addition to offering a diverse range of marketing and advertising services, EKR provides project managers to ensure seamless project execution from start to finish. Project managers play a crucial role in overseeing day-to-day operations, facilitating client approvals, and incorporating valuable insights to drive project success. 

By meticulously coordinating every aspect of the project and adhering to timelines, EKR ensures that high-quality work is delivered consistently and projects are completed in a timely manner. This commitment to excellence guarantees client satisfaction and contributes to overall project success.

If you want to elevate your marketing efforts, contact EKR today to explore how they can help you achieve your goals.

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