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Riser Releases Proprietary Content Management System

Riser is excited to announce our latest product, SiteRiser, a nimble yet powerful content management system for any type of website. After years of ideating and prototyping we finally decided to see it through and prove it’s awesomeness. We wanted to take everything we loved and hated about other products to ensure a robust CMS for designers and developers, but more importantly it needed to stay super simple for the administrator. We crafted this CMS under the motto “If we need instructions, its not user friendly and not ready.” After months of developing and testing, we put it to use on an active project, and it was a massive success.

Our CMS will work for any type of site, but we are mostly proud of it’s built in gamification management. We are finding ourselves building gamification into new and existing websites so it was important to allow an admin to manage their gaming features. Our UI is based on Twitter Bootstrap, which we have modified and tailored to our needs for SiteRiser.

Key Features Include

  • At-a-glance dashboard with site activity and gamification analytics
  • Blog and category management
  • Page and post builder for custom content
  • Dozens of content widgets
  • Quiz builder
  • Forms builder
  • Table builder
  • Custom menu with roles logic
  • Badges and points criteria manager
  • URL redirect tool
  • SEO Tools

We will continue to make improvements, add features and functionality to ensure our designers and developers can craft awesome websites while retaining the easy to use CMS for our clients. Here are a few up and coming features to expect in the coming months.

  • Save page builder templates for later access
  • eCommerce and payment integration
  • Newsletter builder
  • More awesome content widgets

Our CMS is ready for production, if you are interested in a private demo please contact Riser at 801-492-1903. We’ll take you through its coolness and what the process is to getting it for yourself.