Big O Tires Southern Utah

Community-driven Marketing Strategy and Execution

Big O Tires of Southern Utah has a long history in the community and being “The Team You Trust.” EKR assists to craft a comprehensive marketing strategy and execute the plan to accomplish brand visibility and engagement.


  • Video Production
  • Campaign Concept Creation
  • Landing Page Websites


  • Creative Design
  • Campaign Messaging
  • SEO
  • Geofencing
  • Google Search Ads
  • Paid Social Ads
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media Management

Cohesive Full-service Strategy and Execution

A benefit of full-service strategy and execution is how cohesive all your tactics are. Big O Tires Southern Utah. Every year, EKR puts together a strategy that is planned out. Each quarter and month, the plan is revisited for optimization and adjustment to make sure the campaigns are targeted and positioned accurately while measuring success each step of the way.

Audience and Community Communications

EKR has consistently received above-average open and click-through rates. In February 2024, their click rate improved by 18.8% over earlier campaigns, and the open rate soared to 45.23%, a figure significantly higher than the average across industries. EKR’s data-driven approach ensures emails reach the right audience at the right time.

Strategic Competitor Targeting

Leveraging geo-fencing technology, EKR’s strategy ensures Big O Tires’ display ads are seen by competitor customers at crucial decision points. In February 2024 at 18 competitors’ locations, this method resulted in nearly 250,000 impressions and a click-through rate 46% higher than average. As a result, 109 customers switched from competitors to Big O Tires after seeing these ads, a testament to the effectiveness of the approach.

Video Production for Community-driven Marketing

EKR has produced videos, radio spots, social ads and print media that promote Big O Tires and their local story and connection to the community. From messages such as “More Than Just Tires” and “St. George Local”, these multimedia campaigns resonate with the local market. This personal touch makes Big O Tires a prominent name in the community for automotive services.

Giving Back to the Community Holiday Campaign

Big O Tires of Southern Utah wanted to give back during the holidays of 2023 to the community that keeps their business engine revving. Store owners were blown away by this campaign’s response. Over 400 nominations were received in 32 days sharing why they or someone they knew needed help during the holidays with their car care. Six recipients received up to $1,500 in tires and/or other services from the participating locations of St. George Blvd, Sunset Blvd, Bluff Street, Cedar City, Hurricane, and Mesquite, NV.