St. George Surgical Center

Designing and Communicating an Open House

When planning a grand opening there are lots of little details to plan for! EKR assisted the St. George Surgical Center to make those little details shine and spread the word about their new state-of-the-art facility which opened for public viewing on June 16, 2023.


  • Invitation Design
  • Poster Design
  • Press Release


  • Press Release Distribution
  • Media Relations
  • Printing and Production

Detailed Design for a Grand Open House Experience

After a long construction process and multiple open house delays, we finally got to see our client’s new state-of-the-art facility open its doors. We worked with this client closely to design invitations for VIP guests and community members along with posters for the facility tour to educate attendees on what they were looking at and why it was important.

Sharing the News

St. George Surgical Center Press Release

EKR wrote the press release for the grand opening and distributed it over the newswire. The newswire helped the news reach outside the state of Utah and targeted the health industry specifically as well as geographic locations. The results are included below.


Posters designed for the open house on-site facility tour


Media outlets picked up the press release when it was published over the newswire


People potentially reached in one week through the publication of the press release over the newswire