Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA)

Community Leader and “The Housing Advocate”

Relating marketing to housing, Southern Utah Home Builders Association (SUHBA) knew better than anyone that you need a blueprint plan and a good foundation to have a strong house or marketing plan. EKR documented and built the foundational strategy to drive a strong PR message for their organization.

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  • Personas
  • PR Messaging Guide
  • Tactical Guide
  • Newsletter Audit
  • Social Media Audit


  • Media Relations
  • Podcast Production and Distribution
  • Government Newsletter (Content Writing & Digital Execution)

Many know the St. George Area Parade of Homes, but don’t know that SUHBA is the host! With the desire to strengthen the PR and awareness for their organization, they came to EKR for help. 

As of 2023, SUHBA was 29 in the nation for home builders associations and the largest in the state of Utah with the only Government Affairs representative on staff. We used this and other research to build personas and a PR messaging guide. Then, we proposed tactics for public relations work above and beyond expectations including a newsletter for government officials, media relations, and a podcast!

SUHBA Knew What They Wanted and EKR Built Upon It

Mari Krashowetz

Executive Officer

"True Professionals with Cutomers Service on the Forefront"

“On behalf of the Southern Utah Home Builders Association, we extend our sincere appreciation to EKR Marketing Agency for their high-level professionalism in supporting our efforts to improve PR efforts within our organization and the community. The representatives we have been working with are true professionals with customer service on the forefront. They do their homework! We have been greatly impressed with the amount of knowledge and research performed behind the scenes to truly understand our mission, needs, and focus moving forward. 

EKR representatives use a proven system to identify personas (our target market), create effective messaging, and develop tactical guides to produce a marketing strategy. They do all this while adhering to approved budgets. They make the process easy and efficient. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with our community partner — EKR — and recommend others consider utilizing their related services. We believe long-term relationships are key to ongoing, long-term success.”