Introducing Brands & Campaigns Unveiling the Stories Behind Marketing Moves

Have you ever seen a commercial, billboard, unique packaging, or a surprising brand name and wondered “How did they come up with that?” or “How did they get that idea?”

EKR is thrilled to share a new podcast, Brands & Campaigns. This podcast is not just a glimpse into successful marketing moves but a deep dive into the stories, challenges, and creative processes that shape the marketing landscape. We’re excited to bring you unique insights from brands big and small and each company’s process behind creating successful marketing moves.

Two Types of Episodes for Double the Insight

At EKR, we understand the significance of being more than just marketers — we aim to be thought leaders and insightful players in the dynamic marketing industry. So our show consists of two kinds of episodes.

First, we interview the people behind some of the cool and clever marketing strategies and creative work you may have seen before but didn’t know how it came to be. Think Oreo, Blockbuster, and Major League Baseball just to start. We all experience and interact with the results of marketing campaigns and projects, but there’s more to the story than the finished product we see on a billboard or social media. A lot goes on behind the scenes to produce the work you see publicly. While other channels may talk about marketing best practices or praise a successful campaign in hindsight, our podcast is committed to uncovering the sweat and tears that went into producing the work you’ve seen publicly.

Then, we’ll discuss takeaways and reactions to the campaign and brand from the story. Good strategy and creative thinking are needed to produce the best and most effective marketing work. EKR experts understand and recognize the amount of creativity and critical thinking that goes into building quality marketing work. On Brands & Campaigns, we dive into the importance of marketing techniques, and concepts behind each story, sharing complexities and providing accolades along the way.

Join us on the Journey

Brands & Campaigns is powered by EKR — a strategy-first agency. Join EKR Creative Director Camden Bernatz and a rotating list of guest hosts from EKR as we pull back the curtain on real-world marketing moves. Be entertained and inspired by the stories, people, and processes behind the work. Whether you’re a marketing professional, potential client, employee, or just someone intrigued by the world of marketing, Brands & Campaigns is here to engage and enlighten.

Listen to episode one here.

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