Meet the Agency Behind Utah’s Most Popular Billboards

Thousands of drivers have noticed the cheeky billboards for the up-and-coming cookie company, Dirty Dough, dotting the skyline along I-15. We want you to get a peak behind the curtain at EKR, the holistic marketing agency responsible for the lighthearted advertisements.

With phrases like “Cookies so good we’re being sued” and “Our cookies don’t crumble with competition,” the billboards aren’t hard to notice. Designed in-house by the EKR creative team, the billboards took social media by storm on July 17, 2022 as news broke that a national cookie company was suing two small startups, including Dirty Dough. As competition heated up between the cookie makers, we at EKR stepped in to create ways for Dirty Dough to own the conversations surrounding #utahcookiewars.

Our CEO, Adam Stoker sets a good example of the type of attitude we maintain when strategizing for our clients. “We’re grateful to work with a client that isn’t afraid to break the mold when crafting their message because that’s what EKR does best. We bring innovation and creativity to the marketing process for all our clients.”

At EKR, we pride ourselves on qualities that allow us to meet any client’s needs. For the movie lovers, EKR’s work can be seen through a full website redesign for Utah’s local movie theater chain, Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres. You can learn more about the new design — including how it drove a 6.52% increase in conversion rates and an 8.33% increase in ticket sales — in the full case study here.

For art lovers, EKR’s work rebranding the Utah Valley University Noorda Performing Arts Center hits closer to home. Performers, including dancers, singers, actors, musicians and more, flock to the Noorda for its state-of-the-art facilities. We worked with the university to create a visual identity that honored the hard work behind the beauty and creativity showcased at the Noorda. 

EKR’s projects don’t stop at brand strategy. Our team of marketing professionals provide the full suite of strategy and creation along with PR, digital and traditional media services to clients across all industries.
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