Google Fiber is coming to Provo | EKR

Google Fiber Decides to Shack Up with EKR

We’re excited to have a future-ready sandbox to play in, to create, and to fulfill.

Unbridled Innovation for Provo Businesses

There’s no doubt the buzz about Google dubbing Provo its new fibertown has entrepreneurs—with bags packed—en route to the Silicon Slopes. Why? Because having speeds of 1 gigabit per second means businesses can disseminate information as quickly as they can produce it. And anyone within the Google Fiber network can receive that information without any barrier of bandwidth. In a playground with augmented connectivity, innovation is unbridled, and that gives Utah Valley the competitive advantage in attracting business to the area.

 Equal Opportunity for Provo Families

With Google vowing free 5 Mbps to all homes on the iProvo network for a $30 activation fee and no monthly charge for seven years, educational opportunities for local families will skyrocket. For some this announcement of acceleration means having an Internet connection in their home for the very first time, giving families and individuals alike equal opportunities to learn and create. Here’s the reality: Provo is set to be one of first cities where universal internet connectivity will abound. Residents will be able access new kinds of content, at unprecedented speeds—everywhere.

More information can be found here.