PPC: Beyond the tap of a button.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is more than an advertising cost on your balance sheet. It’s about funneling internet traffic through unique search engine advertising and getting the right message to the right audience. You want compelling ads. That’s what we do.

Click, Click, HOORAY!

PPC is about conversion from click to purchase. We don’t want customers wasting their time looking for your product­­—we know that urgency is the name of the game. When we combine campaign keyword research, unique ad copy and conversion tracking and tie all that into Google Analytics, we get targeted conversion.


The search bar can be a fickle thing, but knowing what users regularly search for in your field makes formulating your PPC ad easier and more substantial. We carefully research and identify highly searched keywords so your ads jump to the top of the page.


Getting people to click is half the battle, and you have one title and approximately 25 words to capture the interest (and click) of the user. Making your copy unique, engaging and ultimately captivating means we research and write with your audience in mind at all times. Make your first impression click.


No patience for ad campaign results? No patience required. The Google Analytics platform manages those results in real-time. Because we can see who’s clicking, where they’re clicking and the conversion rate—we know how to improve your campaign. No wasting precious time or resources.

Let’s see if we click.

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