Donny Osmond

You may have heard of him. EKR was hired to redesign and create a mobile app for the soundtrack of his life. Donny Osmond engaged EKR to redesign his website, The project included UX/UI design, web design and web development with an e-commerce solution. In 2014, Donny again approached EKR to design and develop iOS and Android apps to tease his upcoming album, “The Soundtrack Of My Life.”

Website Design & Development

EKR’s UX/UI team created the site and content architecture with a focus on information hierarchy. The creative team built out the high-resolution designs. And the development team handled the coding and e-commerce implementation.

Mobile App Design & Development

Donny puts it best: “After fifty years of entertaining, I wanted to do something unique to celebrate a milestone in my career, as well as launch my 60th album. This app was designed to share the music that has affected me throughout the years.” The EKR team had the privilege of building the mobile app for iOS and Android.