Google Retail Advisory Council

EKR was hired by Google to develop the brand identity and event booklet for its Retail Advisory Council division and event. The event’s objective is to build awareness of retail trends, insights and Google’s innovation in the space. EKR’s design team collaborated in the concept and creation of a logo mark to brand the council. Following establishment of the branding guidelines, EKR’s designers executed on a printed agenda booklet for the event.

Logo Concepts

Following a discovery phase in which EKR collaborated with the client to identify the client’s design expectations, EKR’s creative team created many logo concepts for client feedback in an effort to establish a direction for the final logo design.

Final Logo

Following the initial design phase, EKR established a final logo design approved by the client. The final logo was developed into usable file formats for implementation into Google’s marketing materials.

Identity Style Guide

EKR created an identity style guide that detailed the logo guidelines to ensure consistent usage. The manual details logo do’s and don’ts, color guidelines, typography standards, patterns and other logo usage requirements.

Retail Advisory Council Booklet

Google engaged EKR’s design team to create a booklet that would serve as the agenda for the Retail Advisory Council event. The booklet contained the event agenda and presenter information.