Retouchup approached EKR with a request to redesign the online face of its über-successful photo retouching business. The client’s objectives were to increase time on site, enhance the visual design and improve customer sign-up. Additionally, EKR retooled the interface design of the client’s back-end systems. The project was an enormous success, yielding immediate improvements demonstrated by analytics. Within two days of launch, the site yielded a 100% signup improvement from the prior site. Within two months of launch, there was a 28% increase in customer acquisition and a 30% increase in order volume. Improve interaction, enhance visual design, engage customers. This client was speaking our language.

UI/UX Planning

Our information architects worked closely with the client to strategize the best solution for their business and user goals. Several wireframes were delivered until the right combination of UX elements were discovered.


Following wireframe approval, our UI and visual designers planned the style, typography, photography, color and user interface elements. We then explored several design comps of the home page to establish a direction.


Once the initial design direction was established through home page design comp exploration, the EKR design team let their creative juices flow into the design of each page of the site.

UI/UX Features

A primary objectives of this project was to improve customer interaction and engagement. Below are several of the interface and experience features that helped achieve this goal.

Responsive Design

One of the requirements for this project was the ability for users to receive the same interactive site experience on mobile devices and tablets as on desktops and laptops. Our mobile interface and interaction designers worked together to craft the mobile experience.