Utah Community Credit Union and Utah Valley University have enjoyed a longterm and mutually beneficial relationship. EKR helped market the credit union services to UVU students. While serving as the agency of record for Utah Community Credit Union, EKR was tasked with a myriad of responsibilities to help the client grow its business and increase their brand awareness. EKR’s creative team managed the concept and execution of a robust marketing campaign designed to promote UCCU’s “PlusCard” to the students attending the university. Among the the services rendered was a campaign including flyers, posters, banners, branding, copywriting, photography, environmental graphics, and presentation materials.


EKR’s design team created a logo to represent the UCCU Center, Utah Valley University’s arena. This multiuse arena hosts sporting events, concerts, and other gatherings. The UCCU Center logo was utilized in a variety of formats, including a ticket design for event admission.

Marketing Strategy

EKR guided the client through a marketing strategy process where the execution details were established. Through onsite and offsite meetings, EKR’s marketing strategists helped the client establish each content type required for delivery of the campaign. Following the marketing collaboration, EKR’s design team presented concept designs for the posters, environmental graphics, and other printed materials.


Following approval on the conceptual artwork, EKR art directed a photo shoot for the creation of assets for the marketing campaign. The campaign utilized the student body officers as models to promote the UCCU PlusCard.

Environmental Displays

After the photo shoot, EKR’s design team incorporated the photography into the conceptual artwork and created each of the environmental graphic elements. Numerous posters, standees, backdrops and banners were created for utilization throughout common areas at the university.


Each year, UCCU is invited to present their credit union services to newly enrolled students. EKR created presentation graphics and helped the client strategize their content and messaging for the presentation.